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  Erin the Rooster
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Hey everyone, this is Erin, the male chicken! Here are some facts about me:
  • People say that I'm not all there by calling me slow of wits, and I still don't know why.
  • My nicknames: Rooster, Loud Mouth, Mei Mei, Glarawen, Slow of Wits, Mr. Sir, The Evil One, Freshman (or The Lowly Freshman), Mrs. Wood, Moonlight, Homeschooler, Aaron C., and Trithealsil. I have a ton more nicknames; it's just I'm havin' an [Orli-]moment where I can't remember 'em rite now.
  • I can't spell to save my life, either. Porcogns!
  • I like "groovin" to Linkin Park b/c they're my favoritest band!
  • I have the most awesomest friends! I luv y'all so much!
  • Go! Go! Go! Go Titans! Wewewe are the mighty, Ti-tans! Olympia Titans are the best!
  • Someday I would like to sing or play either the drums or the guitar in a band with my friends. (An Amazingly Cool, Good-looking, Funny, Awesome, Neat, Smart but Not Too Smart Guy and His Guitar) lol, Danny!
  • I'm ugly and I'm proud!
  • I enjoy sayin', "Pubs, pubs, pubs, pubs, pubs...," in public when anything reminds me of The Matrix, and for some reason people give me weird looks.
  • I have a freakishly weird cravings for Mountain Dew, but what's even more freaky is what I do after I've had more Dew. Whoo-hoo! CRAZY!
  • Last, but not least, I love to swim! I'm a speed swimmer (YTO and OHS), water polo player (OHS), and a synchronized swimmer (TOL)!