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"It'll be funnier than a penguin playing a banjo!" Kooky Fun Page

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Hallo, noble savages! Welcome to the FF's Kooky Fun page. Here you will find plenty of things to keep you occupied while you waste those few hours a day doing nothing important on your computer. And, if this isn't enough, be sure to post on our forum.

Match favorite Kook celebrities with their younger "baby" pictures.

Check out some of our favorite links.

Meet the Bunionion fam, and learn all about their fascinating history.

Original Kook Short Stories:

By Ox Felton-Grint & Shpazzy MacDonald. A story about a girl named Polly Penhouse and her journey to self-discovery during her stay at her uncle's ranch. ***** Five Stars.

$$$ Buy Kook Stuff! $$$

Buy the classic Kook book A Bride For Figwit - for only $4! Written by Joy and Anne Muether, this book tells the story of the Elf Figwit in Middle Earth, along with all your favorite Hobbit, Elf, Human, and Dwarf characters!

Buy Volume One of The Complete Bus Adventures, all written by Kooks! Only $6. The Kooks, along with their hilarious friends, are taking a road trip to Canada, and meet up with some shady characters on the way!

Buy an "official" Bus Boys poster, and you'll be able to swoon all day over Freddie, Shane, Matt, Sean, and Ron! Only $2. 8.5" x 11".

  • Email Joy with your order, and she'll hop to!
  • (Sorry kooks, I would have made these things free, but they take up so much stinkin' ink and paper!)