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Fellowship Freaks Photo Gallery

Here are some pictures of the oh-so-cool Fellowship Freaks!

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We have so many cool and spiffy pictures, that they need TWO pages! So here are some of my favorites, as well as some recent ones. If you want to see some more classics, click here.

Enter The Haggis and Dunedin Celtic Festival Pictures!

Pics from Beth's b-day bash! 1/9/04

Allison cooking her fabulous pancakes.

And Annie working hard too.

Beth opening her presents.

Check out Erin's socks!

A picture's worth a thousand words.

Fiddler's Green

Elena & Teresa at the pub

Joy & Beth at the pub

Shpazzy the Wise

Another sign.

The architect hard at work.

One word: freaky!

Favorite Pictures:

Joy wearing a very Kooky hat.

Ther perfect shirt for Allison!

Watching a rugby game at the Scottish festival.

Many moons ago, the Chongs & Muethers went to Splendid China

This was at Lake Sherwood <sniff sniff>

Chongs, Muethers, & Coulters take an outing to the beach.

Elena @ the posh Winter Park movie theater

Annie going cuckoo with Sweet Sally

Erin acting strangely at Teresa's b-day bash.

Don't mess with Joy.

Reformation farewell potluck. :-(

Elena smiling big.

Don't you feel sorry for Sweet Sally sitting on Erin's foot???

Lady T, Shpazzy, and Elena on the couch.

Teresa on her yoga ball.


Aye! Avast!!!

Beth needs to lay off the coffee! that Hector and Killwillie?

Al's being a doofus again (go figure)

Our Ostrich up there in Indiana.

Our Old Navy model, Matt.

The brains of Jako's Nine.

Erin's photo of Elijah Wood, which she goes almost no where without!

Email me if you have any pictures to share!

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