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Celebrity Photo Gallery

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Here are some pics of our favorite celebrities:

Scroll down to see who likes who!

Steve, not happy!

Did you see that humongous ox?!?

See you at school!

You're just too good to be true...

Here's the lowdown on who's got a crush on who:

Annie: Annie has some pretty interesting taste. She likes actors from Matt Damon to Keanu Reeves to Dougray Scott ("thump thump!" LOL). We can say that she's got great taste, though, in that she likes Dom Monaghan and Billy Boyd. Yeah, and there was also something about Christian Bale, but she's still in denial about that...

Beth: Hm...what do we say about Beth? Well, you can't always get her to admit it, but she is head over heels in love with George and Geoff! Second to them, of course, is Elijah Wood, Shane West, and now there's Brian Buchanan (Unfortunately, Beth doesn't know the meaning of the words "not available!" But hey, we can't blame her for dreaming! He plays a mean fiddle.).

Erin: Erin is another Elijah-nut. Just check out her room. Freaky. (She also claims she doesn't like Orli Bloom, but that picture in her room tells a different story) She's also batty for Sean Biggerstaff, although, we wonder that if he ever went mute or his Scottish accent stopped working, would she still like him? LOL :-). We suspect she's also got something for Hayden Christensen, too, but that's just a rumor.

Allison: Where do we begin??? Okay, here's a comprehensive list so far: Tom Felton, Rupert Grint, Orlando Bloom, Todd Microsmith, any security guards, Carlos (from Magic School Bus), Duncan McKay, James Campbell, and we're sure there are lots more, but we don't want to embarrass them by posting their names here!

Elena: Elena's got a thing for Orlando Bloom and Heath Ledger. What do we say? She's got good taste!! Recently she's also discovered Mark from ETH.

Joy: Joy is yet another Orlando Bloom fan. Although she, unlike some people, prefers him with his shirt on. Her role model is Andrew Dan-Jumbo, and someday she plans on being a carpenter just like him. She also likes the phenomenal actor Tobey Maguire, and ETH's guitarist Trevor Lewington.