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  The Bunionion Family


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Once upon a time, a gargantuan woman met a normal sized man, and that was the beginning of the Bunionion family. The woman's name was Gammy Bunny, and the man's name was Wilbur Onion. Instead of just taking on Wilbur's last name, Gammy suggested joining the two names, and thus they had Bunionion. They had three delightful, but slightly large daughters, Bitsy, Lulu, and Myrtle. Then, came the tragedy. One day, Gammy could not find her husband Wilbur. Legend has it that he fell into her coffee cup, or was stepped on, but it has never been confirmed. But disappear he did, and Gammy never got over the shock. But the family still had their happy times. Bitsy got hitched to Farmer Evan (but they still kept the last name Bunionion), Lulu got married to Hank (and also kept the name Bunionion), and Myrtle....well, Myrtle just stayed Myrtle (but she kept the name Bunionion too!). Myrtle was not alone though. No, she had her very own pet porcupine Fluffy. Bitsy and Evan had two darling children, Sally and Lottie. Lulu had the very famous Paul Bunionion (who's name, sadly, was often misspelled as Bunyan), and he married a girl named Missy. They had two adorable children named Ernie and Suzy, but who often get overlooked by the fact that Paul also had a phenomenal ox named Babe. Nobody knows how, but Babe was somehow the same size as Paul (in other words, huge), and not only that, she was bright blue! She became the pride and joy of the Bunionion family. They also had a few other pets, Babe, Babe, and Starfish. And that is the history of the Bunionion family!

Family Tree: