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Meet the Kooks!


Here's the lowdown on us kooks:

Joy: Joy's the oldest of the kooks. She's also commonly known as the "producer" because she's the one with the mulah (and the one in charge mwahaha!). Someday she will be a rich set designer, working on the sets of Orlando Bloom and Hugh Laurie films.

Beth: Beth is Miss Mechanincally-Inclined (although I'm sure she'd prefer to be called Mrs. Buchanan). She is a world-famous rainbow surfer, and she loves all things LOTR-related (particularly Elijah Wood).

Annie: Annie is our favoritest cook. She is also our very own Shpazzy the Wise, and is never without any wise words. She enjoys grooving to the likes of Enter The Haggis, the Corrs, New Found Glory, and Lifehouse. And she isn't called Shpazzy for nothing!

Esther: Esther is our "out of town kook", and lives all the way in Indiana, but that doesn't stop her from being kook-y! Esther enjoys anything LOTR, singing, and dancing. She's known to kooks as the Ostrich.

Erin: Erin is known as Loudmouth and Slow of Wits for good reason. You'd do well to avoid her while she's listening to Linkin Park. Other than that, Erin is an awesome person. She loves Elijah Wood and Sean Biggerstaff, and she practically lives in the water!

Allison: Allison (also known as Babe the big, blue, clumsy, air-headed ox) has an awesome sense of humor! You can't help but have a good time when Allison's around. You need to watch out though, because she often develops patterns of up-chucking in your bathroom, or trying to catch Chex Mix in her mouth (and rarely succeeding).

Jako: Jako is the Big Cheese of our bingo-robbing crew, Jako's Eleven. They don't get much smarter than Jako. Jako also goes under the aliases Chibi Half-Dragon, or Hamster.

Elena: Elena may seem very quiet to most people, but don't let that fool you - she does shpazz! Elena's hard not to love, and is always thinking of others. She's got major crushes on Orlando Bloom, Heath Ledger, and Mark from ETH.

William: William is a Crazy Cat. He also has crazy hair. William's a pro at basketball, baseball, and goofy facial expressions.

Teresa: Teresa (also known as Lady Twinkles) is never short on candy! She's great with little tots, but not so great when it comes to police officers. If Allison ever gets married to a security guard, I shudder to think what will become of him when he meets his new sister-in-law!